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Saint of the Day

June 25: Saints Dominic Henares and Francis Do Minh Chieu

Saint Dominic Henares was born in Spain in 1765 and became a Dominican priest. He was sent to Vietnam in 1803 and served the Catholics there as their bishop. Saint Francis Do Minh Chieu was born in Vietnam around 1797 into a Christian home and became a lay catechist. He particularly helped priests and served […]

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Saint of the Day

June 24: Saint Theodgar of Denmark

Saint Theodgar was born in Germany, studied in England, and became a missionary to Norway. In 1028, he went into exile with the Norwegian king, Olaf. He ended up in Denmark, bringing the faith to the pagans living there. Theodgar was known for his ability to heal the sick through his prayers, but it wasn’t […]

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Saint of the Day

June 23: Blessed Marie of Oignes

Blessed Marie of Oignes was born into a wealthy family in Nivelles, Belgium, in 1167. Though she wanted to be a nun, she agreed to an arranged marriage when she was only fourteen, and she talked her husband into living chastely. Together, they made their home into a hospice for lepers, and she cared for […]

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Saint of the Day

June 22: Saint Alban of Britain

Saint Bede, a great English saint and Doctor of the Church, wrote the best and only history of the early days of Catholicism in England. In his Ecclesiastical History, he wrote about today’s saint, Alban. Saint Alban was a soldier living in Britain during the late third or early fourth century, when it was ruled […]

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