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Saint of the Day

June 19: Blessed Michelina of Pesaro

Blessed Michelina (1300-1356) was born into a wealthy family of the Italian nobility. She married and had a son. But when both her son and husband died, she was still a young woman. Her grief overwhelmed her at first, but her maid, who was a faithful Catholic and is now known as Blessed Soriana, led […]

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Saint of the Day

June 18: Saint Amandus of Bordeaux

Most of what we know about today’s saint, Saint Amandus, we know through the writings of one of his friends. That friend, Saint Paulinus of Nola (354-431), is known to us today as a father of the Church, that is, a leader in orthodoxy in the days of the early Church. According to his friend, […]

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Saint of the Day

June 17: Saint Avitus

It is certain that Saint Avitus was the abbot of Micy in the French province of Perche, that he lived during the sixth century, and that his holiness caused those who knew him in life to call him a saint after his death. Other details are not so certain. Later traditions about Avitus may have […]

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Saint of the Day

June 16: Saint Benno of Meissen

Saint Benno was a priest and a canon when he was made bishop of Meissen, Germany, in the year 1066. Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV was involved in a bitter dispute with the pope because Henry demanded the right to choose the men serving as bishops in his dominions, giving the king greater money and […]

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