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Saint of the Day

June 15: Saint Benildus of Cordoba

On June 14, 853, a Catholic monk and priest named Anastasius was arrested by the Muslim rulers of Cordoba, Spain, for the crime of being a Christian. When he refused to renounce his faith, he was beheaded. Since this was done publicly and since there were still Catholics living in Cordoba, though practicing their faith […]

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Saint of the Day

June 14: Saint Protus of Aquileia

Saint Protus served a wealthy, noble family in Rome during the late fourth century as tutor to the children of the family. As a Christian, he also taught the children about the faith. When the Roman emperor Diocletian began a vigorous persecution of Christians in the year 304, Protus and his students moved to Aquileia. […]

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Saint of the Day

June 13: Saint Felicula of Rome

Catholics living in the city of Rome were persecuted sporadically but brutally for the first few centuries of the Church’s existence. Saint Felicula was living as a consecrated virgin—an early form of religious life for women—when the Roman empire renewed its persecution of Christians. She was arrested, thrown into prison, starved for two weeks, and […]

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Saint of the Day

June 12: Blessed Mercedes Molina

Blessed Mercedes Molina was born in 1828 in Baba, Ecuador. She lost both parents by the time she was fifteen years old, and she went through a deep conversion soon afterward due to a serious fall from a horse. As a young woman, she became a nun, but then she founded her own religious order, […]

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