Fall Book Tour

During her Fall 2021 book tour, Dawn will be speaking about both well-known and lesser-known saints who exemplify these lessons and can inspire us to become better Christians.

Don’t miss this chance to hear Dawn speak, get an autographed copy of Saints, and meet the author in person!

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Saint of the Day

May 26: Saint Lambert

Saint Lambert was born in the late eleventh century in France. He was educated in a Benedictine abbey and decided to become a monk when he was only fourteen years old. Lambert was a kind man and beloved by his fellow monks. He loved the life of solitude and study that was lived by the […]

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Saint of the Day

May 25: Saint Aldhelm

Saint Aldhelm was born in the year 640 in England into a noble family. He decided to live as a hermit, then became a monk, and eventually served as a spiritual director to other monks. When he became abbot, he reformed his abbey along the lines of the Benedictine reform that was sweeping Europe at […]

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Saint of the Day

May 24: Blessed John of Prado

Blessed John of Prado was born into a noble family in Spain in the late sixteenth century. He became a Franciscan friar with the great hope of bringing the Gospel to those who had never heard it before, but his superiors first ordered him to preach in his native country. He was a humble, holy, […]

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Saint of the Day

May 23: Saint Michael of Synnada

Saint Michael of Synnada was just a young man when he moved to Constantinople (modern Turkey) in the late eighth century. He studied under one future saint (Tarasius) and became friends with another (Theophylact) at that time. He lived as a monk, was ordained a priest, and then was named bishop of Synnada. As a […]

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