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Saint of the Day

June 4: Saint Philip Smaldone

Saint Philip Smaldone (1848-1923) was born in Naples, Italy. He volunteered to help deaf-mute people while he was still in the seminary studying for the priesthood and continued to serve them after being ordained. But he became depressed and frustrated at one point and seriously abandoning this work and joining the foreign missions. Fortunately, his […]

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Saint of the Day

June 3: Blessed John the Sinner

Though he was born with the name John Grande, today’s saint is generally known today as Blessed John the Sinner. Born in Spain in 1546, he lost his father when he was fifteen years old and had his own business in the linen trade by the time he was twenty-two. But he soon found that […]

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Saint of the Day

June 2: Saint Pothinus and Companions

An ancient manuscript describes the martyrdoms of the Christians of the cities of Vienna and Lyons in the year 177. According to this document, the local governor resumed the persecution of Christians under the orders of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. But, as is often the case, persecution didn’t begin with arrests and executions. Instead, […]

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Saint of the Day

June 1: Saint Proculus

In the city of Bologna, Italy, a man named Proculus was executed for refusing to give up his faith in Christ. So why does the city of Bologna claim two martyrs with that name? The first Proculus was a soldier and died in the year 304, under the Roman persecution of Christians. A few centuries […]

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