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Saint of the Day

May 20: Blessed Columba of Rieti

Blessed Columba (1467-1501) was born in the city of Rieti, Italy, into a modest family of weavers and tailors. Though she was named Angiolella at birth, everyone called her Columba. The story of Columba’s life bears a striking similarity to that of the great Saint Catherine of Siena. Like Catherine, she dedicated her life to […]

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Saint of the Day

May 19: Blessed Augustine Novello

Blessed Augustine Novello (d. 1309) was given the name Matthew at birth and grew up in Termini, Italy. He became a brilliant lawyer in the city of Bologna, so brilliant that be became chancellor to the king. During a great battle, the king was killed, and Matthew was wounded and left for dead. He vowed […]

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Saint of the Day

May 18: Saints Theodotus and Thecusa

Today the Church commemorates Saints Theodotus and Thecusa, along with other unnamed Christians who were martyred with them. Their city was Ancyra (in modern Turkey), and we believe they died in the year 304, when the persecution of Christians was particularly fierce. Some say that the Roman emperor Diocletian wasn’t particularly opposed to Christians at […]

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Saint of the Day

May 17: Blessed John Ziatyk

Blessed John (Ivan) Ziatyk was born in Poland in 1899 and was ordained a Catholic priest of the Greek rite. He entered the Redemptorist order in 1935 and became well known as a preacher. During the Nazi occupation of Poland, John served as prior in a monastery. After World War II, he became Vicar General […]

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