Saint of the Day

May 31: Blessed James Salomone

Blessed James Salomone (1231-1314) came from a noble family of Venice, Italy. But his father died when he was young, and his mother left to become a Cistercian nun, leaving James to be raised by his grandmother. Perhaps unsurprisingly, James also considered a religious vocation and decided to enter the Dominican order as a young man.

His generosity was legendary; on the way to enter the Dominicans, he gave away his money to the poor (saving only enough to buy books) and then later gave away the money he had left to help a lay-brother who needed clothing. James lived as a Dominican priest for sixty-six years, and he became well-known for his gifts as a spiritual director. Hating the notoriety, he asked for a transfer to a stricter, more remote Dominican house. It is said that hundreds of miraculous cures resulted from his prayers. He died of cancer on this date in Forli, Italy.

Blessed James, show me how to help the poor today.