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The Lost Saint of Easter

Solemn feast days of our Lord trump every other feast, most particularly Easter, which is why we won’t be celebrating Saint Joseph Moscati (or any of the other saints commemorated on April 12) this year. But in this year of COVID-19, perhaps we can think of him all the same on Easter. Joseph (1880-1927) was […]

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April 2020: Book recommendations

Many years ago, I was laid off. I took advantage of this unexpected “blessing” to reconsider what I was doing with my life. Since millions of people have become unemployed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some book recommendations that might help you pivot your life in a more God-centered direction. The best book […]

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April 2020: The Saints’ Secrets to Facing Calamities

Since the COVID-19 virus has begun to spread globally, many Catholics have remembered the two young visionaries of Fatima in Portugal: Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto. Both died during the Spanish flu pandemic in the early twentieth century, so they are great intercessors to help us pray for an end to our own pandemic. But […]

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COVID-19 Versus the 14 Holy Helpers

Sooner or later, every adult has this experience. What appeared to be a routine doctor’s visit turns out to be something life-changing. Or a meeting with the boss ends with a layoff notice. Or a conversation with a friend or family member goes horribly wrong. You walk away in a daze, with the world turned […]

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Saint of the Day

Saint of the Day

May 25: Saint Aldhelm

Saint Aldhelm was born in the year 640 in England into a noble family. He decided to live as a hermit, then became a monk, and eventually served as a spiritual director to other monks. When he became abbot, he reformed his abbey along the lines of the Benedictine reform that was sweeping Europe at the time. The changes he made were so successful that he established other houses, as well as churches. The first church organ in all of England was installed around the year 700 under his direction.

But Aldhelm’s building skills weren’t his only gift. He was an inspiring preacher, a poet and musician, and was widely known for his spiritual writing. When disputes arose between the Celtic Christians and the Anglo-Saxon Christians, Aldhelm was sent to Rome to discuss and resolve the differences between the two groups of people with the pope.

Aldhelm was named bishop of Sherborne in 705 and died four years later of natural causes.

Saint Aldhelm, show me how to reform my life.

Want to read about a saint every day? The “Saint of the Day” blog posts for the entire month of June on this web site are designed to help you do that. Every day of the month of June, there’s a blog post about a holy man or woman you’ve probably never heard of, but who is formally acknowledged as a saint or blessed of the Church. Just like the book, Saints: Becoming an Image of Christ Every Day of the Year, these blog posts show you how to start (or interrupt or finish) your day with a brief, inspirational life story of a saint. Each biography concludes with a short prayer to help you identify some aspect of that saint’s life that might help you in your own spiritual life.

(Note that none of the saints in these blog posts are included in the book, Saints: Becoming an Image of Christ Every Day of the Year, but they are present in the Church’s latest official list of saints, the Martyrologium Romanum, dated 2004.)

As Ecclesiastes 1:9 says, there is nothing new under the sun, and the problems we face today are often startlingly similar to the problems that holy men and women of the past faced in their own lives. Other blog posts discuss saints celebrated in the current month or who have something to teach us about our current difficulties, such as dealing with an epidemic or how to handle suffering.

The saints and blesseds of the Church teach us that holiness is possible for anyone, in any state of life, and in any historical time period. We only have to be open to God’s grace so that He can form us into images of Jesus Christ.

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