NEW Daily Litany smart phone app

There are thousands of holy men, women, and even children who have been canonized or beatified by the Catholic Church. Every one of these great saints and blesseds is also included in the Church’s liturgical calendar. Now you can ask every one of them to intercede for you to our Lord on their feast days through the Daily Litany phone app.

Pray Every Day with the Saints

This app, currently available for free on the Google Play Store, includes all the saints and blesseds of the Church. Unlike many books, websites, and digital sources which often cite conflicting feast days for saints, the Daily Litany app uses the feast days currently assigned by the Church.

Where can we find the most reliable and current feast days? This app uses two sources: 1) the Martyrologium Romanum, which was most recently revised and updated by the Vatican in 2004 and is available only in Latin, and 2) the saints and blesseds who have been recognized by the Dicastery of the Causes of Saints since 2004 and who are described on their website. More details about duplicated dates in the calendar, naming and location conventions, and other resources are included in the app. Many saint biographies can also be found in blog posts at

The Daily Litany app orders all these saints according to their date on the liturgical calendar and provides you with a list of each day’s saints, arranged as a litany. You can select whether to display the daily litany in a longer or shorter form. The shorter litany combines groups of blesseds (usually martyrs) who are commemorated on the same date but who were beatified separately.

Stay Tuned…

Although the Daily Litany app is currently available only in the Google Play Store, watch for a version for iPhones in the iOS store soon.

Another phone app, called Mobile Lives of the Saints, will also be made available for paid subscribers later in 2023 and will include dates and biographies for every saint and blessed.