Fall Book Tour

During her Fall 2021 book tour, Dawn will be speaking about both well-known and lesser-known saints who exemplify these lessons and can inspire us to become better Christians.

Don’t miss this chance to hear Dawn speak, get an autographed copy of Saints, and meet the author in person!

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Saint of the Day

May 30: Blesseds Richard Newport and William Scott

When King James I became the king of England, Catholics had reason to hope that they would be better treated than in previous reigns. However, the Gunpowder Plot (an assassination attempt on the king’s life by a group of Catholics which failed) changed all that. While James did tolerate the presence of some Catholics to […]

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Saint of the Day

May 29: Saint Senator

Saint Senator was only a priest when he was sent by Pope Saint Leo the Great to attend a council in Constantinople as one of his appointed legates. He also attended, at the pope’s request, the Council of Chalcedon, an important council in the year 451 in which the Church responded to heresies about the […]

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Saint of the Day

May 28: Blessed Mary Bartholomeo of Florence

Blessed Mary de Bagnesiis (1514-1577) was born into a wealthy family in Florence, Italy. But money did not protect her from severe mistreatment at the hands of her foster-mother, who ignored and underfed her when she was a child. Mary suffered from physical maladies as a result for many years. However, she enjoyed visiting a […]

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Saint of the Day

May 27: Saint Eutropius

Saint Eutropius was born in Marseilles, France, and lived during the fifth century. He lived a wild life as a young man, but marriage settled him down. After his wife died, and with the encouragement of his bishop, he decided to become a priest. As a priest, he began to live his faith much more […]

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