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Saint of the Day

June 8: Saint Mariam Chiramel Mandkidiyan

Saint Mariam Chiramel Mandkidiyan was born in 1876 in Trichur, India. Devout from a young age, she decided to give her life to prayer and service of the poor, sick, and lonely members of her parish. The prayer group she started even served those considered “untouchables” in India’s caste culture. She was only twenty-seven years […]

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Saint of the Day

June 7: Saint Robert of Newminster

Saint Robert of Newminster was a priest and then a Benedictine monk before he joined a group of monks to establish a new abbey at Newminster in twelfth century England. The new abbey followed the Cistercian reform of religious life, with the manual labor and strong emphasis on prayer typical of the order. His fellow […]

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Saint of the Day

June 6: Blessed Innocent Guz

Born Joseph Guz in 1890 in Poland, he was turned down when he tried to enter the Jesuit order, but the Franciscans accepted him. He took the name of Innocent in religious life and was ordained a priest. Blessed Innocent became a collaborator with the future saint Maximilian Kolbe, serving as a confessor to the […]

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Saint of the Day

June 5: Saints Dominic Toai and Dominic Huyen

The two men who are commemorated as saints today were both born in the nineteenth century in Dong Thanh, Vietnam, both married and had children, both worked as fishermen, and both were had the first name Dominic. One was named Dominic Toai, and the other was named Dominic Huyen. They were also Catholic, and when […]

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