Saint of the Day

April 22: Blessed Francis of Fabiano

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Blessed Francis of Fabiano (1251-1322) was always such a cheerful child that his parents later said he came into the world, not crying, but laughing.

He became a Franciscan at the age of sixteen, and he impressed his brother friars with both his knowledge and his devotion. For example, he went on a pilgrimage to obtain the Portiuncula indulgence, met Saint Francis of Assisi’s secretary, Brother Leo, and later wrote an article explaining and defending the indulgence. (Saint Francis of Assisi had a vision while in the Portiuncula chapel, in which our Lord and the Blessed Mother appeared to him. Francis asked Jesus to pardon those who repented of their sins and came to the chapel. Our Lord agreed, and Pope Honorius III did too, leading this devotion to become known as the Portiuncula indulgence.)

Today’s blessed, Francis of Fabiano, became widely respected as a persuasive preacher, and he was the first Franciscan to establish a library. He convinced some of his nephews to enter religious life, and he was greatly devoted to praying for the poor souls in purgatory. He died of a fever.

Blessed Francis, help me pray for the souls of those who have left this world behind.