Saint of the Day

May 6: Blesseds Edward Jones and Antony Middleton

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In the sixteenth century, it was illegal to be Catholic and deadly to be a Catholic priest. Edward Jones was born in Wales; Antony Middleton was born in Yorkshire. They both traveled to France to study for the priesthood and then returned to England secretly.

Edward had a youthful appearance and was able to remain undetected for some time. Antony became known as a zealous preacher, making him a more obvious target in anti-Catholic England. Spies who pretended to be Catholic tracked down both men and had them arrested. Though the trial, according to witnesses, was full of irregularities, the two men were condemned to death. Blesseds Edward and Antony died by hanging on this date in 1590.

Holy Martyrs, show me how to live and die for Christ.