Saint of the Day

June 8: Saint Mariam Chiramel Mandkidiyan

Saint Mariam Chiramel Mandkidiyan was born in 1876 in Trichur, India. Devout from a young age, she decided to give her life to prayer and service of the poor, sick, and lonely members of her parish. The prayer group she started even served those considered “untouchables” in India’s caste culture.

She was only twenty-seven years old when she asked permission from church authorities to build a retreat house. She was told to test her vocation to religious life first; ten years later, having tried several religious communities, her bishop allowed her to establish the first of many religious houses. By the time she died of natural causes, her sisters had opened convents, schools, and other group homes.

Saint Mariam, show me the “untouchable” people who need my help in my community.