April 30: Saint Wolfhard of Verona

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Saint Wolfhard (d. 1127) was a German maker of saddles and other equipment for horses when he traveled to Verona and decided to settle there. In time, his fellow citizens noticed that not only did Wolfhard give away all his profits to the poor, keeping only enough to live on, he was also a holy man. When he noticed that his neighbors were treating him with such veneration, he left to live in the forest as a hermit.

Several years later, some men from Verona happened upon his hermitage and convinced him to return to the city. He lived as a hermit-monk in a Camaldolese monastery there for the rest of his life. It’s said that he was famous for the miracles that resulted from his prayers even during his lifetime, but that even more miracles occurred after his death.

Saint Wolfhard, teach me to be humble.

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