June 23: Blessed Marie of Oignes

Blessed Marie of Oignes was born into a wealthy family in Nivelles, Belgium, in 1167. Though she wanted to be a nun, she agreed to an arranged marriage when she was only fourteen, and she talked her husband into living chastely. Together, they made their home into a hospice for lepers, and she cared for their patients personally.

One of Marie’s friends was a holy and unusual woman named Christina (described in my book and now known as Saint Christina the Astonishing). Marie also had a great devotion to, and had visions of, Saint John the Evangelist.

In her later years, Marie lived as a hermit in Oignes, received several mystical gifts, such as visions and prophecies, and prayed particularly for the Poor Souls in Purgatory. She died on this date in 1213.

Blessed Marie, help me find holy friends.

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